About Us

 Founded in 2013, Professional Pathways High School is a NYC DOE transfer school dedicated to educating and motivating  students in  an alternative  setting  through  a personalized  approach  to learning  and development.   The   school’s   mission   is   to   support   the   academic   and   social   needs   of   students through strong partnerships between all members of the school community, reengaging students academically through hands-on learning with an emphasis on post-secondary readiness and literacy,  and building college/career readiness through computer  literacy and career exposure. We   will   ensure   that   each   student   graduates   with   clearly   articulated   goals   and   a   plan   for post secondary success.                           

In   collaboration   with   CAMBA, a community based organization,  all   members   of   the   school community work together to create a school culture built on supporting students emotionally, socially, and academically. Our school serves students who are currently at a disadvantage for post-secondary   life   because   they   have   fallen   behind   in   high   school.     We   cannot   expect   that providing students with an environment similar to the one that they are leaving is going to create different   results.   Therefore,   Professional   Pathways   develops   more   than   a   student’s   academic foundation; each student gains technical and career competencies that place them at an advantage for post-secondary success. Professional Pathways also builds on the existing strengths and skills of   students   and   helps   them   navigate   personal   and   social   obstacles   that   impact   their   lives. Through exposure to multiple job sectors, students learn about the world of work, and may use these experiences to explore sectors deeper through internships, job shadows, and college and trade school visits.  This serves our students in two critical ways: 1. they are more likely to stay engaged and finish their diploma when they see the connection between earning a diploma and their future; 2. we are offering more than a diploma - we are preparing students for college and careers. Through our work, students graduate with the academic and professional skills necessary to identify and achieve their personal vision.
David J. DeCamp
Founder, Principal